Jax and Mack

Kindle Edition, 26 pages 
Published October 24th 2013 

Jax and Mack live on the back
Of a star that fell in the sea.
They barely eat and they seldom sleep,
So they use all their free time to read.

So begins the story of Jax and Mack, a rhyming picture book that teaches an enthusiasm for reading when a little boy encounters two magical creatures and introduces them to an even more magical place called the library. A perfect bedtime story for children of all ages.

This story was a joy to read to and with my six year old daughter. She laughed and giggled throughout the story as we read. The art was very good, she loved the picture of Max and Mack sleeping on the bookcase at the library! Very enjoyable and entertaining book for young readers everywhere. Bravo!!!!


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