Riddle in Stone

Book 1 of The Riddle in Stone Series
Published February 26th 2013 by Diversion Books


Long after the last of the great heroes of old has died, the Undead King is stirring again, amassing a goblin horde ready to sweep out of the mountains and destroy all of humanity. The only thing preventing utter annihilation is Edmund—a stuttering librarian who knows a secret, a secret that every thief, assassin, and king would kill to have. Fleeing from relentless peril, Edmund wages a solitary battle against an ancient evil. But how can one man succeed when so many before him have failed?


This  book appealed to me due to the description of Edmund, the bumbling hero. Mr. Evert has written a character that many of us can definitely relate to.He could be any of us that has ever wanted to be "The Hero". Edmund goes on his "adventure" wanting to be more than the local librarian. Through all of his escapades we see Edmund transform himself, though reluctantly, Into the hero. He finds things that he didn't believe existed and thought long dead. Through all his "adventures", he is molded into the person that he needs to be and in the end finds out that he is the only person that can save not only his town, but the kingdom.

Mr. Robert Everts writing quickly pulled me into Edmunds world keeping me wondering what would happen next. He did not disappoint me. Edmunds trials and tribulations are very believable, I did not have to hit the " I Believe" button at all. I am definitely looking forward to his next book in the series. I highly recommend this book to any fantasy fans out there.



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