Merciless: The Rise of Ming

Paperback104 pages
Expected publication: April 2nd 2013 by Dynamite Entertainment


The origin of one of science fiction's seminal super villains, and the arch nemesis of Flash Gordon, is explored in this softcover collection of Dynamite Entertainment's critically acclaimed Merciless: The Rise of Ming four-issue mini-series! Set decades before the would-be interplanetary conqueror turned his attentions upon an unwitting Earth, Merciless chronicles the formative years of Prince Ming, heir to all he surveys and the fabulous peoples of distant Mongo, a planet politically divided by its divergent species and as physically fractured as the ring of shattered moons orbiting it. Disillusioned by his father's rule and anxious to begin his own dynasty, Ming engineers events to seat himself upon the imperial throne of Mongo, sooner rather than later. Armed with mind boggling weapons of planetary destruction, Ming the Merciless won't settle for anything less than dominion over his world... and every galaxy in the known universe!


This is a quick look into emperor Mings early life and how he came into his name. The artwork was very outstanding and I wish I could see more. I wanted to delve a little more into Mings mind than was shown in the TPB, which compiled the 4 part mini-series by Dynamite comics. 

This mini-series , as it turns out, is a prequel and will continue in Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist. 

This TPB will definitely appeal to fans of Flash Gordon. I recommend the book because of Mr. Ron Adrian's artwork. I went back many times to enjoy some of the panes that he drew. Not recommended for younger readers due to some adult situations contained within.

Rating: 5.5/10

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