20 Year Anniversary of "The Bump"

It was 20 years ago today that I thought my life was at an end. I was a lowly ET2 while serving in the Navy on board the USS Grayling (SSN-646). I had just been relieved of watch and eating breakfast when at around 05:46 the ship collided with another submarine. Both ships made it back to home port. I can't disclose anything else about the incident, sorry.

My old shipmate, and fellow off going watch stander Don "Hammer" Hammack wrote a little post about the momentous day. Just follow the link:

Here are some links if you are interested:


The horrendous Girls Scout cookie season is FINALLY coming to an end. I will finally have time and energy to finish some books. With my wife being a GS leader and my daughter a Daisy, I had very little time to do anything for myself. I was usually too pooped to think most days.I am almost done with The Last Threshold, so be on the lookout for the review.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

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