Interlude: A Short Story and Graphic Novels

Praying For Rain (The Lotus War # 0.5)

By Jay Kristoff
Format: Ebook
Published: 2013

Praying For Rain is a free-to-read pdf short story, a prequel to Jay Kristoff's The Lotus War series, which tells the tale of Miho and the city of Kigen. It is available at http://jaykristoff.com.

Praying For Rain is a short story that is a good start for anyone that hasn't read Mr. Kristoff's debut Stormdancer (The Lotus War # 1). The story itself is only about 20 pages long, but gives the reader an idea of how the residents of Kigen think. This is recommended for anyone who hasn't read Jay Kristoff and those who enjoyed Stormdancer, like me.

Rating: 9.0/10

Wars in Toyland

By Joe Harris, Adam Pollina (Illustrations), Brent McCarthy (Illustrations), and Nolan Woodard (Illustrations)
Format: Hardcover, 104 pages
Expected Publication Date: 11 July 2013 by Oni Press

Toyland was once a place of wonder and beauty, at least until the teddy dictator Roxbury took over. After Matthew's brother and playmate, Alex, disappears, Matthew finds himself carried into Toyland by his own loyal toy soldiers. Matthew soon learns that Alex has been here, too, held captive by Roxbury. Leading an attack on the teddy bear's fortress, Matthew never considers that his brother might be beyond saving.

Wars in Toyland is a fairy tale similar to Toy Story, but with darker undertones. the younger brother, Matthew, gets taken to Toyland by his toys to help smite Roxbury and defeat the Tediarchy. Matthew learns his brother Alex has also been brought to Toyland and agrees to help his toy soldiers and rescue his brother. 

The story is very fast paced and reads like an old fashioned fairy tale. With the violence that is contained within, I don't recommend this for younger readers.

Rating: 7.0/10

Hell Yeah! Volume 1: Last Days on Earth

By Joe Keatinge, Andre Szymanowicz (Illustrator)
Format: Paperback, 128 pages
Published: 16 October, 2012 by Image Comics

Today is the worst day of Benjamin Day's life. He's the poster child for the first generation raised in a world where superheroes exist, but he wants nothing to do with super-anything. When versions of himself from throughout the multiverse show up dead, this one-man crisis of infinite selves tears open twenty-year-old secrets. Ben's now forced into the super-society he's long denied. Eisner award-winner and writer Joe Keatinge and illustrator Andre Szymanowicz team to bring the comic described by Third Eye Comics' Steve Anderson as "Watchmen for the Kick-Ass Generation." Features an introduction by the acclaimed creator of Madman and iZOMBIE, Michael Allred.

All I have to say is wow. This story has a lot of twists throughout. Alternate Earths, travel between the different Earths (which is illegal by the Kingdom Protocols), superhumans, and superhumans dying. All this leads to a hectic story that is very entertaining to say the least.

Volume 1 combines the first five chapters of the comics. I an looking forward to reading volume 2 to, hopefully, answer the questions that arise throughout the TPB, like who and why is Ben Day so important and why have the other alternate hims are being killed. The book is frustrating but thoroughly entertaining.

Rating: 8.5/10

Star Trek: The John Byrne Collection

By John Byrne
Format: Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected Publication Date: 30 April, 2013 by IDW Publishing

Comics legend John Byrne has taken on 4 Star Trek titles, and they are all collected here, in one oversized hardcover collection. "Assignment Earth" recounts the adventures of interstellar agent Gary Seven, "Crew" recounts a tale from the very beginnings of the United Federation of Planets, "Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor" is a collection of tales from the member of the Frontier Medics Program, and mystery, intrigue, and war abound in "Romulans."

John Byrne has always been one of my favorite comic book artists . I used to buy any comic book that came out with him as the penciler. His artwork has very crisp and almost realistic features and his action scenes leaves nothing to the imagination. This collection also showed his storytelling prowess, which is definitely a bonus.

Rating: 8.0/10

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