Adam WarRock “Tell Me” [free tunes]

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Adam WarRock “Tell Me” [free tunes]:
Tell Me
Adam WarRock “Tell Me” (MP3 | Lyrics)

Beat Used: Start Your Own Rebellion “Just Do It” 
What’s up guys. Here’s a new song. Here’s why I wrote it. Gonna talk for a bit. Bear with me.
It’s really weird for me and a lot of my friends to realize that being a “nerd” or a “geek” nowadays is “cool.” I don’t know if you’ve caught on by now in my music (or in basically every mental makeup of every nerd over a certain age), but there was a time when we were honestly shamed for loving comics, playing video games, just being intensely nerdy about anything. At worst, we were bullied. At best, we were ostracized and made to feel like lesser people, while everyone else kinda struggled to find their identity in elementary/middle/high school. While everyone tried to just float by and survive, in that weird, Lord of the Flies way that school does to you.
It’s inspiring to me to see that kids, and yes adults, can be as geeky as they want to be about whatever: legos, action figures, comics, whatever. And people just shrug it off, like it’s completely normal. I’ve seen circles where if you DON’T read comics, the guys in it kinda look at you like, “Wait, what??” And that, my friends, is totally awesome. That you can walk around proudly with a 3DS or talk in a job interview about The Avengers…. we truly do live in good times.
The one thing that bothers me is the corporatization of nerd/geek culture. I won’t name any names of certain tv shows or certain companies that do it more often than not, but needless to say, if it’s “cool,” then people will try to sell it to you to make a buck off of it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with industry and capitalism, I’m all for it in fact. But when it edges towards being insulting and patronizing, when they shoehorn Spider-Man references or talk about Call of Duty just to make you go “Oh hey, I know what that is!” I feel like it’s pretty insulting, and pretty disrespectful.
Yes, I said disrespectful. Because here’s the thing: I think being a nerd or a geek about whatever, I think it’s a pretty sacred thing. I think it’s important. Being a nerd about all that I’m nerdy about, it gave me an identity, it defines me as a person, and it continuously gives me the amazing experiences. Yes, that’s right, I said “amazing.” That’s how I feel when I play an awesome game, or read an amazing comic (or hell, even a sorta okay comic that has a great moment in it). I think that when people try to patronize that elemental core that makes you who you are as a person, it’s equal to someone saying “You’re a nerd, and that makes you a loser.” It’s just said in a different way.
So I wrote this song thinking of all that. I wrote this thing, because while it’s cool to be a geek or a nerd nowadays, don’t let them sell you bullshit. You don’t need the newest $100 hardcover or every action figure and variant cover. You just need to love something, and love it with all your heart.
And if you really are a nerd or a geek, loving something with all your heart should be second nature. It’s a natural feeling. It shouldn’t have to be packaged and delivered to you.
Trust me. You’ll know it when you feel it.
Seacrest out. Enjoy the song. I promise next week’s song will be something way less serious.

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