A Fitting End

January 8, 2013
Wheel of Time (Book 14)
Hardcover: 912 pages
Publisher: Tor Books (January 8, 2013)

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass.
What was, what will be, and what is,
may yet fall under the Shadow.
Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

The Third Age comes to an end in a great final book. There were quite a few characters given the spotlight throughout the book. Some readers found this to be very tedious indeed. At times I wanted to skip through the chapters to get to the Final Battle, but I didn't, and I am glad I didn't. I believe giving the various characters time through the book was genius of Robert Jordan. This allowed Mr. Jordan and Sanderson to portray how the battle was such a daunting fight that it was. The armies were thrown difficulty after difficulty trying to fight The Dark Ones seemingly endless armies. 

There were quite a few twists throughout that kept me wanting more. A few I did not see coming, and a few I did. The end came quickly, but at the same time was very satisfying. After finishing a chapter that lasted 190 pages, I was happy the end was quick, but at the same time was not a cop out ending in my opinion. 

I loved the book itself, I finished reading in only 4 days of total reading ( that should tell you how entwined I was with the story). This was one of those endings where you either loved it, or you didn't. There was not much in between. This was the only "bad" thing I found about the book.

I am sad to see the story end, but at the same time glad. I was one of those that wondered if the series would end with Mr. Jordan's death. Brandon Sanderson has done justice with Mr. Jordan's notes to finish this epic. 

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