Murder Mysteries

Hardcover, 112 pages
Expected publication: May 27th 2014 by Dark Horse Comics

Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell venture into the world of myth and angels in this new edition of their noir-fantasy tale. Constructing and maintaining all of heaven and earth is an immense task, which God has divided up amongst the various ranks and stations of angels. As with any huge effort, there are bound to be casualties. Lights is shed on the lords behind creation as one lonely man in Los Angeles hears the story of one particular unspeakable crime: a murder in Paradise.

I wanted to read this comic adaption of Neil Gaiman's story of God, angels, and the first murder committed in Paradise. I personally have not read the story myself, the story is published in his collection Smoke and Mirrors. I had figured that this trade paperback would do a good job to interpret the short story, but..... it seemed to me to be a loose interpretation of the book. The story was short and the art was good but did not, in my opinion, help the interpretation process. I will need to get my hands on a copy of smoke and mirrors and read the original.


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