My name is Sonny and I will be the main poster for this site. Quite a few people will notice that I posted six posts in one night. While I do think that I read fairly fast I, I did not read all six in one day. I have migrated here to blogger.com from my former blog http://fantasybookaddict.blog.com, all these posts were actually written there and I just transferred them here. I had just gotten used to their page when I noticed that blog.com only allowed me to show how many times the page was viewed and only allowed RSS feeds. I wanted people to be able to follow my blog and the page to show followers, and blogger had that ability.

I had to change the name of my blog to Fantasy Addict Reviews since someone else already Fantasy Book Addict (even though they've only made one post since Dec 2011). I can definitely live with this blog name mind you. It does fit my blog more since I will be giving all my readers my reviews once I complete a book (hoping my reviews help to sway you to read a new book). At the same time, I won't recommend a book if I did not enjoy it or other reasons. Don't hold it against me please if I don't like recommend a book you do like or vice versa. I only strive to give you my views of the book. I understand not everyone shares my views.

I am currently reading A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson and am currently on page 416. But as you probably have noticed, I have written reviews for other books while reading this one. I recently was able to get electronic ARCs of books, and I went crazy with the amount of books available. I did not think when I selected 15 books to read that they would have archive dates. I made too much work for myself and am trying to read those said books and give reviews before the archive dates. I had previously agreed, for the privilege of reading the ARCs, to give a review of each book. I am almost caught up and can resume reading AMoL. The graphic novel I am reading now is The Crow: Death and Rebirth by John Shirley. It is only 128 pages so I plan on being done with it today with a review shortly after.



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