Zed: A Cosmic Tale TP by Michel Gagné

Publication Date: February 19, 2013
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Image Comics

When a cute little alien named ZED demonstrates his invention to the Hierarchy of the Galaxy, something goes wrong--terribly wrong! Before long, ZED's universe is thrown into complete turmoil and our little hero must face nearly insurmountable odds trying to survive and save the very fate of his home world.
Imbued with a dark edge, peppered with pure silliness, and wrapped up in a childlike sense of wonder, ZED's adventures will keep readers tickled and captivated from start to finish.

Originally published in comic book form over a period of eleven years, ZED has been completely revised and remastered for this definitive edition.

Introduction by Brad Bird.

Recommended for Mature Readers (ages 13 and up)


Zed is a young Gallossian who has found an energy source and is displaying it to all the rulers of the universe on planet Xandria for the Nob-L celebration. While giving a demonstration of how his Energizer something goes drastically wrong and a chain reaction which annihilates planet Xandria with his parents on the planet.

Zed returns back to his home planet of Gallos to plead his case to the Gallossian emperor. In the meantime, Maxuss from the planet Metalia leads all the other inhabitants of the universe to get retribution for Zeds crimes.

The story continues with Zed receiving help from Krah - The loudest band in the universe - the true kings of metal, to ultimately help Zed be found innocent of the annihilation of Xandria.

This story is very cute with extremely sad undertones. The art was very effective in conveying the plot without words. The target audience is for teens and older. I do not recommend this for younger children as there are some adult situations in the story. The story was overall very enjoyable and gets a high recommendation from me.

Rating: 7/10

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